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In the year 2000, J.B joined a leading litigation firm in Mumbai. She has vast experience in handling a wide variety of complex litigation, alternative dispute resolution. He plays a pivotal role in advising clients on and formulating effective strategies for the purposes of litigation and arbitration. J.B appears before various fora including the Supreme Court of India, various High Courts, District Courts, Company Law Boards, Arbitral Tribunals, etc. He also advises clients regularly on various real estate transactions, undertakes legal due diligence and provides comprehensive analysis of risk factors that may be involved in such transactions.



Education: LL.B (Faculty of Law, Campus Law Centre, Delhi University, 2005); B.Sc. (G), Professional: Admitted to the Indian Bar by the Bar Council of Delhi (2005). Work Experience: Associate with Dua Associates (November 2007- March 2009), Mr. Raman Kapur (July 2005- October 2007). International Law Affiliates Pasrich & Compnay (November 2009 onwards) Areas of Practice: Civil and Commercial Litigation, Constitutional, Property, Contract, Company, Intellectual Property Rights, Arbitration, Environment and Consumer Protection law, Economic Offences, Original, Writ and Appellate Jurisdiction practice before various Courts across India, Anti- Dumping and Anti Subsidy Law, land acquisition, criminal writ matters and human rights law.



H.A received graduate and undergraduate degrees in The Netherlands and Canada (McGill). Worked in several countries such as the UK, the Netherlands and Canada. His field of specialization covers finance, administration and the media. H.A invites you to join him at LinkedIn

Trends in the Indian legal services marketplace

Posted by BIthika Anand

A flourishing legal industry is growing in lockstep with one of the world’s most dynamic and fastest-growing economies, creating extraordinary opportunities for lawyers and law firms. Here’s everything you need to know about the remarkable growth and incredible future of the Indian legal market.

In 2010, the total value of the Indian legal market was estimated to be approximately US$1.25 billion.

Myths and misinformation about India’s legal industry continue to hold surprising sway among lawyers and clients both inside and outside the country. Therefore, it seems appropriate to begin this overview of the Indian legal market with some hard facts that establish the enormous promise of this burgeoning sector. • India’s legal profession is the world’s secondlargest, with more than 600,000 lawyers in more than 500 legal practices nationwide. • In 2010, the total value of the Indian legal market was estimated to be approximately US$1.25 billion. • Expertise is flourishing in such practice areas as arbitration and ADR, competition law, environmental law, international trade law, outbound foreign direct investment, and restructuring and insolvency. • Growing numbers of firms are exploring alternative pricing models, heralding a not-too-distant day when the billable hour will no longer be a viable pricing arrangement. • Many large and mid-sized law firms are aiming to build a pan-India presence, adding more practices and expanding their reach by acquiring smaller firms. • Increasing numbers of firms are investing in technology to strengthen their knowledge management processes. • To compete in an increasingly tough environment, a number of leading law firms are recruiting executives from overseas. • Thanks to the widespread availability of high-quality and ambitious legal professionals, the industry has seen many partners leave existing firms to start their own enterprises.

This remarkable time of growth and change marks the onset of a new age for the Indian legal industry. The new breed of midsized and boutique law firms is now seeking professional assistance to increase revenues and control costs to enhance profits. These firms are recruiting teams of experts to manage business support functions or simply outsourcing these functions altogether, as well as weaving technology into processes and functions related to HR and knowledge management.

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e-Court was incorporated during 2012 under the Indian Corporations Act. The company is an independent group of experienced professionals like (former) lawyers, barristers, solicitors or attorneys, judges, university professors, industry and other legal interest groups. e-Court aims to provide competent, affordable, secure, transparent and speedy justice for everyone..

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