e-Court Standard Procedure

e-Court is capable to handle a minimum of #20000 cases at any one time during its first six months of operations, with at least #1000,000 cases at full maturity.

As soon as a settlement is not possible, you or your legal council invites the defendant ( other party ) for a standard procedure. The conflict will then be handled by an arbitrator of e-Court.

The Party ("the Claimant") commencing arbitration shall deliver a Notice of Litigation (hereafter referred as NL) to the opposing Party and shall at the same time deliver a copy of the NL to e-Court. The NL shall contain a statement of the nature of the dispute, the material facts being relied on and the issues being raised, the names and addresses of all Parties and the relief that is claimed. Litigation proceedings shall be deemed to commence on the day on which e-Court agrees to accept the NL and the appropriate filing fee have been made.

A party (the "Defendant") who receives a NL must deliver a response within five business days after receiving the NL. The response must be in writing with a copy to e-Court, and must contain confirmation of the accuracy (or corrections to) the names and contact information in the NL and a brief (maximum two pages) description of the dispute, if different from the description provided by the Claimant.

Depending on where the other party accepts the invitation, you can start the process. It is generally speaking in the best interest of all parties to agree to settle their differences via e-Court, because of the short duration, low litigation costs and even to "test" the waters of both parties ( read also e-Court ).

Week 1
By payment of the Court fee, including an escrow amount ( = 10% of monetary value of a claim and/or counterclaim if applicable), your case will commence and is activated. If your payment was received by Wednesday p.m your case will be submitted to the arbitrator on the next day. In this same week, the Claimant and Defendant and/or legal counsel of each party will add information to the dossier on the website. This information include statements, documents, evidence, etc. You can add information to the dossiers until Friday 17.00 p.m.

If you selected to include a hearing, then e-Court will inform you about the location, date and time of the hearing. This is of course done in consultation with the arbitrator who handles your case and the other party/counsel.

Week 2
In this week the Claimant and Defendant and/or counsel of each party will further add additional content to their own relevant dossiers.

Week 3
This week is used by the Claimant and Defendant and/or counsel of both parties to prepare their response vis a vis the information placed in the dossier by the opposing party.

Week 4
In this week a hearing may take place attended by the Claimant and Defendant and/or by counsel of both parties. Upon agreement by all involved parties a video conference may be arranged with Skype between all relevant offices.

Week 5
Week for reflection, take a breather ! Perhaps time for outside mediation ?

Week 6
In this week the presiding arbitrator will render his/her decision. If no appeal is lodged then the clerk and/or notary of e-Court will send the decision by registered mail to the Claimant and Defendant and/or counsel of both parties. If an appeal is lodged visit appeal process

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Company Overview

e-Court was incorporated during 2012 under the Indian Corporations Act. The company is an independent group of experienced professionals like (former) lawyers, barristers, solicitors or attorneys, judges, university professors, industry and other legal interest groups. e-Court aims to provide competent, affordable, secure, transparent and speedy justice for everyone..

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